The Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) is considered by many to be the premier academic publication on Information Operations and Cyber Warfare.  Led by the Chief Editor, Dr. Leigh Armistead, and Deputy Editor, Dr. Bill Hutchinson, together these two gentlemen are continuing a long history of excellence, where the staff of the JIW focuses on its original intent – namely to deliver quality, highly technical papers on cutting edge IW topics. This will be done by linking closely with the academic Cyber conferences such as the ICCWS so that our staff can deliver new and exciting articles for publication in the JIW.  Subscription information can be found at

In addition, a new successful area of collaboration is with the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) of the National Security Agency (NSA). Since November 2013, this Cyber organization has supported special editions of the JIW, with all articles written by serving members of the IAD at the NSA, for a unique, unclassified publication that focuses on Information Assurance. As quoted by Neal Ziring, the Technical Director for NSA’s IAD - "The April 2014 issue of JIW was the first time that NSA IAD worked with an academic journal to create a special issue. It was a great learning experience for some of our internal experts, and also helped raise awareness of some of our important mission challenges among academic researchers in this field."

Academic Liaison

 Likewise, the staff of the JIW believes that this journal is a great medium to continue developing cyber warfare and      information assurance solutions. We want to partner and collaborate with academics, who could help research cyber    solutions that minimize the losses or reduce the financial and operational risks for different organizations, commands,    agencies, and corporations. Finally, by staying abreast of the latest academic theories on these types of attacks as well as  research into cyber warfare, processes and methodologies, the staff of the JIW believe that the academic community can  help operational and commercial customers better focus their limited staff and budget to try to minimize the threat of attacks and breaches.


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